Oh Hey!

If you haven't figured out by now through reading other parts of the website or just knowing us, it's Ashlynn here! I'm the writer behind all the blog posts, though Dylan does sit right next to me through it all. He assists with ideas on what we want to share or special moments that he remembers during shoots or weddings. Dylan is also the guy behind picking out all the photos, believe it or not he is super picky, hehe, oops I said it. Anyways, our Instagram followers voted on what our first blog post should be about and everyone wanted an introduction to not only Dylan Cook Photography but to us, Dylan and Ashlynn. We will often be asking advice from our followers so if you do not already, go give us a follow @dylancookphotography1 ! This first blog post may be a long one, but it certainly will be a special one!

Dylan Cook Photography

We will keep this section short and sweet because hopefully you've looked through our new website and have already read the details about the business! Dylan started Dylan Cook Photography in 2015 while he was at Liberty University. It may have started off on an iPhone and prices were low, but hey, the photos were still great! Getting his first professional camera in 2016 though, that is when Dylan Cook Photography really took off. Flash forward to today, I (Ashlynn) started helping Dylan in 2019. We started dating in April and I always saw how stressed Dylan could get behind the scenes while editing photos, or at weddings when they got very busy. I could not stand seeing him this way so I wanted to step up and help in anyway. I started taking on emailing clients because I love talking to new people, and well if you know Dylan, grammar and writing isn't his strong suit (sorry babe). I am also studying communications at Meredith College so I was excited to take what I was learning at school, into real life practice. Next, I slowly started taking on his social media to ease his work load and more recently, I have started second shooting with him. Today, you can catch both of us taking pictures and videos at weddings! Aside from the behind the scenes work of Dylan Cook Photography, I also always tagalong to photoshoots to help with poses and make sure girls, your hair looks just right. COVID-19 has for sure been far from easy for his business. With most to all weddings being postponed or cancelled, we have had to look for the positive during this hard time. We've been taking this time to add on some extra things with Dylan Cook Photography and though it seems like we have shared all the things coming, we haven't yet. Whether you are reading this as a past Dylan Cook Photography couple, a current couple, potential client, or all the in-between, thank you for your support of this small business and for allowing us to capture moments in your life.

Dylan + Ashlynn

Alright, enough with the business side of things, I'm sure you probably are here to hear about our life and what God is doing in us! Dylan and I matched on Tinder back in March of last year, it was actually on his birthday! He still jokes around that I was his best birthday present ever. Call me crazy but, the moment I swiped on him, I knew he was the one. Even though we had not talked yet or even knew where each other lived, I told everyone that "Chick-fil-a boy" (what I referred to him as) was the one. A few weeks later we went on our first date at Sushi Nine, our fav restaurant, and hung out at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh. April 4th, 2019, is our official anniversary date which means we have been dating for a little over a year now! Over the past year we have been to many weddings together, gone on lots of coffee and Chick-fil-a dates, shared many laughs, traveled a lot, and dreamed of our future together. Some may say we are crazy for both of us working on this business together, but we see it as a blessing! We are learning how we work together best, learning each others strengths and weaknesses, and truly seeing how we are together even if it is through a business. We are confident in our relationship and partnership, and we can't wait to one day experience what our clients experience through engagement, marriage, and even kids one day! Me and Dylan are big planners so yes, we dream of our life together often. Just for fun, here are some of the things we are looking forward to in life together!

  • Owning a Golden doodle! I'm pretty allergic to dogs so there are not many options but we love big and cuddly dogs. You can often catch us going through Instagram pages looking at them.
  • We are hoping to have 3 kids together! I would also be lying if I said I haven't already picked out all of their names....oops! In addition to having 3 kids, we would love to have a set of twins. Dylan is a twin and he loves being one.
  • We want to have a lot of land one day in the outskirts of a town but still be close to our families.
  • A dream would be to own a wedding venue one day where photography and videography is included, how cool is that?!
  • Dylan is dying to have a truck again! He sold his truck to save on gas while driving to photoshoots all the time but once we are married we are hoping to have a car and a truck!

In our relationship, Dylan is always performing acts of service, wanting to spend quality together, and is slow to anger. I always see Jesus in him and am often reminded of how gracious our Father is to us. He radiates Jesus everyday and is the man I have prayed for years. I on the other hand, is a words of affirmation, gift giving gal, and one always down for cuddling. I am the emotional and very sentimental one in the relationship (though Dylan is as well), and will almost always cry at the weddings. I'm pretty easy going, always down for something new, and always looking for a way to make Dylan laugh. As a couple, we always pray, love singing our favorite christian songs, and love attending our church, Hope Community Church. We both will say that because of one another, our relationship with God has grown tremendously and we cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do in our life, both individually and as a couple.

To wrap it up...

We just want to say thank you to everyone who supports not only Dylan Cook Photography, but also us! As big dreamers, we dream of what Dylan Cook Photography will be like not only a year, but 5, maybe 10 years from now! We are also big story tellers and just want to share what an amazing life we get to live because of the people we get to work with. Their stories are pretty incredible too so stay tuned to meet some of our sweet couples. If you've read this far, you are pretty great and we promise other blogs will not be this long, that is if it does not need to be. In the meantime, check out our most recent trip to Roanoke, VA! We were also going to travel to Nashville, TN this summer but that trip has been postponed due to COVID-19. We hope to be making more videos on our trips, taking you to weddings with us, and getting to see our daily life.

-Dylan and Ashlynn